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Choosing the right time and labor management software can be hard work...

PrimeTime can tailor software to fit your needs. With systems such as web-based time and attendance software, desktop time clock software, and enterprise client-server time and labor mangement software, PrimeTime has the right solution for you.


Even good time and attendance solutions can result in substandard system performance if not implemented properly. To meet this need, Prime Time's provides a time and labor management solution with setup and implementation that is not only full-featured and proven -- it's customized to your needs.

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Prime Time’s training sessions are designed to provide the tools your staff will need to use any one of our time and labor solutions successfully in your environment. Key concepts are taught using examples tailored to your business' needs. Comprehensive training materials ensure that students can focus on learning, rather than on taking notes, and the students will have quick reference guides for after class.

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Technical Support

At Prime Time, we are working hard to implement our vision of the future for the time and attendance industry. We continue to innovate at a faster pace than ever before, because we know every minute we can save for your organization translates into savings and provides you with more time to focus on your core business.

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Benefits of PrimeTime's Time and Attendance Solutions

Real-Time access, edits and reporting

Get up to the second information on your employees, are they clocked in, out to lunch or just on break, now you know...

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Online Employee Self Services

Releave the stress of your HR and Payroll, and let your employees review their info online at their convenience from the office or home...

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Multiple Data Collection options

Weither you just want to fill out a electronic time sheet or capture your employees time on the road, we have the solution...

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